September 17, 2021

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Samsung hiring ex-Apple and AMD engineers for designing a custom CPU: Rumor

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Some reports are saying that Samsung is currently working on its custom CPU, just like Apple. But earlier, the South Korean manufacturer has shut down its in-house CPU design department. The reason is that the Mongoose cores didn’t perform better than the stock ARM designs. Similarly, famous chipset manufacturer Qualcomm also stopped making its custom chips years ago. But, Samsung is turning again into its custom chipsets.

A new report has come out saying that Samsung is hiring ex-Apple and AMD engineers for designing the custom CPU. But, it is just a rumor right now. There has been no official confirmation about it. As per choosing the ex-Apple and AMD, engineers look to be an intelligent step from Samsung as one of those played a major role as per the development process of Apple’s custom chipsets. Samsung is definitely wanting a good start in its custom chipset development.

Apparently, Samsung is not satisfied with the performance of the new Cortex-X series and is looking for something faster. The company is already working with Google to design a custom chip and with AMD to bring an RDNA2 GPU to Exynos.

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Qualcomm will soon introduce a custom CPU design after acquiring Nuvia, a company founded by former Apple engineers who worked on the M1, A14 and older Apple chipsets. It seems that people who worked on Apple chips are worth their weight in gold.

It’s not clear when Samsung and Qualcomm will launch their custom designs. Nuvia reportedly was finished with its design, while Samsung is only now putting together a team. However, the Nuvia design was aimed at servers – launching it is one thing, slimming it down to fit in a smartphone’s power requirements is quite another.

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