September 17, 2021

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Seattle firefighters discover man’s body amid burned wreckage of Capitol Hill home hearth

Seattle firefighters responding to a dwelling hearth on Capitol Hill late Wednesday afternoon recovered a man’s entire body from within the home, a hearth office spokesperson confirmed.

The fire marshal, who was named to the scene along with members of the Seattle Police Department’s Arson & Bomb Squad, decided the fireplace was accidental, Seattle law enforcement spokesperson Valerie Carson wrote Wednesday in a text concept. The hearth office later on claimed the blaze was very likely prompted by a moveable space heater placed way too close to flamable products.

In accordance to the Seattle Fire Department’s on the internet 911 log, firefighters ended up dispatched to a setting up in the 1600 block of 18th Avenue just following 5:20 p.m. The department also posted about the discovery of a entire body on Twitter and declared Seattle law enforcement have been known as to assist in the investigation.

When firefighters arrived, the proper front corner of the two-story home was in flames and hefty smoke was pouring from the residence, according to a write-up on the Seattle Hearth Department’s blog site. Neighbors advised hearth crews the home’s one occupant was unaccounted for and firefighters discovered him in what was described in the blog site as “the fire space.” The fire was knocked down in 15 minutes and thoroughly extinguished in 30 minutes, the website post claims.

Apart from the victim’s gender, no even more information were being offered.